OT - one gateway to multiple mail hubs/domains

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Thu Jun 23 21:04:20 IST 2011

Steve Campbell wrote:
> Overtime time:
> How do most of you who have multiple domains route your mail through
> a singular gateway running MS to multiple mail hubs (server with
> mailboxes)?  
> I'd like to consolidate my mail servers running sendmail and MS into
> one gateway. Right now, I have one server per domain, but see no
> reason why I can't put up a single incoming gateway for all domains
> which could route the mail to the mail hubs.   
> I've used SmartHost for a single instance of domains, and think I
> could use virtual table , but just thought I'd ask. 
> steve campbell

I don't think I'd go w/just one MS gateway.  Eggs, basket, that sort of thing.  It's really handy being able to update/upgrade a gateway server and the users never notice the difference.  They're all connecting to an internal Exchange server.  Being able to bring my MailScanner boxes up or down w/o them noticing is a real treat.

I service several domains and just use the mailertable to route to the appropriate inside host. I don't use the virtual table at all.  At the gateway level I don't care about users so much as domains.  I do use smf-sav to verify recipients at the gateway but then just send the messages to the appropriate server.  Works well for us...

I'm running sendmail FWIW...

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