Slow mail delivery for few mails

kunal verma kunal.gurukul at
Fri Jul 29 06:45:55 IST 2011

thanks for help.
I run the command:
MailScanner --lint
It was showing some errors in spamassasin.pref.conf file.
i have modified this file and now it is not showing any errors.
I hope this solves my problem.
Thanks for help again.

Kunal Verma

On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 5:54 PM, Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at> wrote:

> On 28 July 2011 12:50, kunal verma <kunal.gurukul at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have configured MailScanner to use Sendmail8.13 as MTA and Kaspersky
> for
> > virus scanning. It is working fine most of the time but with slow mail
> > delivery for some mails.
> > Some mails remain in the queue(mqueue directory) for a long period of
> time.
> > Some mails remain in the directory for a long period of time.
> > The mail delivery is does not take place for hours. If I manually run the
> > command to clear the mailq(sendmail -q0) then also mails are not
> delivered
> > and remain in the queue. though it is delivered after this delay.
> > Please if anyone could trace the problem and let me know the solution.
> > Kunal Verma
> The "mqueue" directory is the "outgoing" directory as per MailScanners
> point of view, which means that the reason for specific mails to be
> held up there would be solely a sendmail problem, not MailScanner as
> such.I suspect that you would see the reason if you traced one of the
> "offenders" in your logs, or that the mailq command may show it...
> Most cases it'd probably be the destination MTA returning a 4xx code
> (temporary failure, try again later).
> The" catalog problem messages would be more of a MailScanner
> thing... the queue files will suiit there until MailScanner is done
> with 'em, so a very long pause here may indicate a problem. What does
> "MailScanner --lint" show  you? If you run "MailScanner --debug" (with
> only a problem message in the queue), what does that tell you?
> Apart from that, it's impossible to say more without log info (a clear
> trail of one message, perhaps with a little chunk of extra lines
> around it).
> Cheers!
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