Slow mail delivery for few mails

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Jul 28 13:24:13 IST 2011

On 28 July 2011 12:50, kunal verma <kunal.gurukul at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have configured MailScanner to use Sendmail8.13 as MTA and Kaspersky for
> virus scanning. It is working fine most of the time but with slow mail
> delivery for some mails.
> Some mails remain in the queue(mqueue directory) for a long period of time.
> Some mails remain in the directory for a long period of time.
> The mail delivery is does not take place for hours. If I manually run the
> command to clear the mailq(sendmail -q0) then also mails are not delivered
> and remain in the queue. though it is delivered after this delay.
> Please if anyone could trace the problem and let me know the solution.
> Kunal Verma

The "mqueue" directory is the "outgoing" directory as per MailScanners
point of view, which means that the reason for specific mails to be
held up there would be solely a sendmail problem, not MailScanner as
such.I suspect that you would see the reason if you traced one of the
"offenders" in your logs, or that the mailq command may show it...
Most cases it'd probably be the destination MTA returning a 4xx code
(temporary failure, try again later).

The" catalog problem messages would be more of a MailScanner
thing... the queue files will suiit there until MailScanner is done
with 'em, so a very long pause here may indicate a problem. What does
"MailScanner --lint" show  you? If you run "MailScanner --debug" (with
only a problem message in the queue), what does that tell you?
Apart from that, it's impossible to say more without log info (a clear
trail of one message, perhaps with a little chunk of extra lines
around it).

-- Glenn
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