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Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Tue Feb 8 21:03:30 GMT 2011

Depends on how your data flows - but perceived wisdom today is not for mail
clients (MUAs) to access mailservers via SMTP on port25 but another port
such as 587, This way you can separate and apply different controls for MUA
to MTA's very easily. eg MUA must authenticate and talk SSL. Also perhaps
MUA traffic isn't scanned for spam but still viruses.

Also if your outlook and mailserver are on the internal network and
Mailscanner isn't on the mailserver machine why not just have the outlook
clients talk directly to the mailserver?

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK

On 8 February 2011 19:13, <katek at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Thanks for your assistance. I realise it is more a postfix issue and I did
> try getting on the list but couldn't get it to accept my list request so I
> was hoping someone on the MailScanner list would also be using postfix as
> part of their MailScanner installation like I am. Yes the
> postfix/mailscanner sits between the outlook client and the mailstore as it
> is our smtp server and the mail store (running mailenable) uses it to send
> through as well.
> When you say simply don't do it - do you mean don't pass the verb through
> or don't use the MailScanner machine as the smtp?
> Thanks
> Kate
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