DATA command query

Peter Ong at
Tue Feb 8 21:17:39 GMT 2011

> Thanks for your assistance. I realise it is more a postfix issue and I
> did try getting on the list but couldn't get it to accept my list
> request so I was hoping someone on the MailScanner list would also be
> using postfix as part of their MailScanner installation like I am. Yes
> the postfix/mailscanner sits between the outlook client and the
> mailstore as it is our smtp server and the mail store (running
> mailenable) uses it to send through as well.
> When you say simply don't do it - do you mean don't pass the verb
> through or don't use the MailScanner machine as the smtp?

You have to figure that if postfix is crying about this, wouldn't other MTAs do the same? I'm thinking postfix is your smartrelay, but the other threads suggest otherwise. I now realize this is impossible to fix over email. Please send me a plane ticket and I will happily fly to New Zealand to help you with your email server issues.


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