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Tue Feb 8 21:03:26 GMT 2011

I would do either... Either don't pass the verb to postfix (and then accept
that the sent mail isn't saved in the sent items folder on the mailstore),
or see to it that the outlook clients talk directly with the mailstore
(which understand the verb).
In the latter case, see to it that the mailstore passes outgoing messages
through mailscanner, for av if nothing else, and set up some other method of
av-scanning the mailstore (or rely on clientside av).
Hope that clears up any confusion:-)
-- Glenn

Den 8 feb 2011 20.17, <katek at> skrev:

Hi all,

Thanks for your assistance. I realise it is more a postfix issue and I did
try getting on the list but couldn't get it to accept my list request so I
was hoping someone on the MailScanner list would also be using postfix as
part of their MailScanner installation like I am. Yes the
postfix/mailscanner sits between the outlook client and the mailstore as it
is our smtp server and the mail store (running mailenable) uses it to send
through as well.
When you say simply don't do it - do you mean don't pass the verb through or
don't use the MailScanner machine as the smtp?


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