OT: Centos 6 question

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Thu Dec 22 16:26:42 GMT 2011

I've tried installing Centos 6.1 on a 5.7 xen host. I'm having a little 
trouble getting sendmail to work, and I'm not sure why. Could be the way 
the network NIC is configured, the fact that I'm running 6.1 under a 5.7 
host, or who knows, but the server isn't accepting mail at all, even 
after changing the line in the .mc file to accept mail from hosts other 
than localhost and rebuilding the .cf file.

The new GUI for the Centos 6 installation seems to be somewhat confusing 
when it comes to asking what type of installation I would like (types 
being things like SQL server, web server etc.)

I'm going to try the new 6.2 DVDs, but wonder what type of installation 
others have chosen since I'm sure there's something closer than the 
Workstation type I chose.

Thanks and sorry for OT

steve campbell

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