Problem Messages e-mail message appearing

Wed Dec 21 21:32:54 GMT 2011

Hi there --

We are running MailScanner 4.83.5 with Sendmail 8.13.8 on a CentOS 5.6 64-bit
distribution. The MailScanner package 
was installed via an rpm package installation. The system is running well, but I
have been receiving once on the hour a 
Problem Messages e-mail. The e-mail in question dates from Tuesday, December 20.
I have already gone into the 
/var/spool/mqueue directory confirm there are no outstanding messages there.
Additionally, I have also run the 
sendmail -q -v command to flush out the cache. Despite that, the message
continues to appear. 

I was planning on stopping, and restarting the MailScanner along with Sendmail,
but I wanted to get feedback from the 
group prior to taking that course of action. Is there any other step(s) that I
should undertake prior to restarting the two
applications in question?


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