Whitelist-Blacklist question + one more

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Wed Dec 7 23:59:13 GMT 2011

Steve Campbell wrote:
> I started thinking about the user whitelist-blacklist function that's
> in MailWatch. Now I'm wondering can that be used along side the
> global spam.whitelist.rules file or is it a either/or type setup?  

My understanding is you either use the black/white lists in MailScanner, or the ones in /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.[white][black]list.rules but can't use both.

> Another question I've started thinking about:
> Can I have a gateway running MS that is configured as a SmartHost? In
> other words, does the new sendmail instance that MS creates when it's
> installed interfere with a normal instance of sendmail configured as
> a SmartHost on the same server?   

Sure, if I'm understanding you right.  You won't have sendmail running as a different instance apart from MailScanner though.  To have your MS box receive mail for other domains and forward it to the internal host just edit /etc/mail/mailertable.  For instance, mine (sorta) looks like this:
ci.juneau.ak.us		esmtp:[]
mail.ci.juneau.ak.us	esmtp:[]
jneaupolice.com		emstp:[]

After you edit mailertable don't forget to do this as root:
	makemap hash mailertable < mailertable

In /etc/mail/relaydomains I also have the domains which I'll relay for.

There are just two instances of sendmail running, both started by the MailScanner process.  I.e., a stock set up. You don't want sendmail running on its own outside of MailScanner.  MailScanner will pick up the inbound mail, put it in /var/spool/mqueue.in, scan it, then put it in /var/spool/mqueue where the 2nd instance of sendmail (the queue runner) picks it up and delivers it to the appropriate internal host based on the domain it's targeted for.


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