Whitelist-Blacklist question + one more

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Thu Dec 8 00:47:59 GMT 2011

Quoting Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us>:

> Steve Campbell wrote:
> > I started thinking about the user whitelist-blacklist function that's
> > in MailWatch. Now I'm wondering can that be used along side the
> > global spam.whitelist.rules file or is it a either/or type setup?  
> My understanding is you either use the black/white lists in MailScanner, or
> the ones in /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.[white][black]list.rules but can't
> use both.
> > Another question I've started thinking about:
> > 
> > Can I have a gateway running MS that is configured as a SmartHost? In
> > other words, does the new sendmail instance that MS creates when it's
> > installed interfere with a normal instance of sendmail configured as
> > a SmartHost on the same server?   
> Sure, if I'm understanding you right.  You won't have sendmail running as a
> different instance apart from MailScanner though.  To have your MS box
> receive mail for other domains and forward it to the internal host just edit
> /etc/mail/mailertable.  For instance, mine (sorta) looks like this:
> ci.juneau.ak.us		esmtp:[]
> mail.ci.juneau.ak.us	esmtp:[]
> jneaupolice.com		emstp:[]
> ...
> After you edit mailertable don't forget to do this as root:
> 	makemap hash mailertable < mailertable
> In /etc/mail/relaydomains I also have the domains which I'll relay for.
> There are just two instances of sendmail running, both started by the
> MailScanner process.  I.e., a stock set up. You don't want sendmail running
> on its own outside of MailScanner.  MailScanner will pick up the inbound
> mail, put it in /var/spool/mqueue.in, scan it, then put it in
> /var/spool/mqueue where the 2nd instance of sendmail (the queue runner) picks
> it up and delivers it to the appropriate internal host based on the domain
> it's targeted for.
> HTH...
> ...Kevin
> -- 

I think you understand me, Kevin. Thanks for the clarity I never seem to be able
to convey. My setup now is that I have two servers: one hosts one domain and the
other hosts two other domains. Both servers are the mail store for their
respective domains. Both servers are the secondary MX for the domains that they
do not contain the mail stores for. I'm not sure this works all that well, but
it does work. Both primary servers are the smtp, imap and pop servers for their
respective domains, along with running MS on both.

I'm thinking of making these new whiz-bang servers I'm about to get to function
in different ways. One could be the mail store for all three domains and the
other could be the smtp and MX for all three domains running MS.

I was debating whether to use the mailertable, which would be simple with only
three domains, or use SMARTHOST but I wasn't sure I could use it for three
domains. I also wasn't sure whether SMARTHOST would be used before the first
instance or between the two instances for delivery (hence my question).

I'm not even sure it'd be a smart move to change the way I'm doing it since
there'd be a lot of CPU cycles not used on the mail store since it'd only be
used for pop and imap. But as the primary MX the way it's now set up on such low
powered CPUs, they get bogged down whenever a mailing list dumps a lot of email
to them.

Thanks again Kevin,


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