Using a Rule with 'use tnef contents'

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Fri Apr 22 10:04:58 IST 2011

--On Friday, April 22, 2011 10:42 AM +0200 Glenn Steen 
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> Perhaps happens when replting to rtf encoded email? It shouldn't be
> impossible finding the circumstances...:-)

I know it shouldn't be hard to find it, but it is.  :-)

It happens with new email messages, replies, with signature, without. 
Composing new mail set to Plain Text or HTML. And it doesn't happen all the 
time.  If I send the same message 6 times, using the same settings, in the 
same manner usually 2 out of the 6 will have a winmail.dat attachment.  The 
other 4 are fine.  Weird.

> And if that is the case, going for replace in ms would be a marvelous
> thing... I actually always saw that setting from that perspective...
> Cleaning up other peoples BS...;-)

I am always looking for ways to replace Exchange/Outlook, and I'm using 
this one as a very big stick.  The person who is having the problems is our 
Chancellor sending emails to our Board of Trustees.  So he's not real happy 
that it's happening.

He is however very happy now since I got the ruleset working, and the Board 
can read his emails again.

Thansk for everyone's help!



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