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Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Mon Oct 25 18:49:44 IST 2010

On 19 Oct 2010, at 18:52, Steve Freegard wrote:

> On 19/10/10 14:00, Peter Farrow wrote:
>>> 1) They are currently ripping out our ADSL lines/VPNs to replace  
>>> them
>>> with a BT managed ‘cloud’ system. Not only are the links more
>>> expensive and in some cases slower (we have some sites running
>>> 20Mbit/2.5Mbit LLU that are going back to 8Mbit/883K), but they have
>>> to pay an annual support charge and submit a request for any router
>>> config changes.
>> Obviously they have cash to burn, and the BT "cloud" they are  
>> selling at
>> 8M/832k is based on the ANCIENT ipstream technology which forms the
>> original ADSL1.0 offering in the UK 10 years ago. Your LLU services  
>> are
>> based on ADSL2+ so you are going to be taking a HUGE step backwards  
>> and
>> paying handsomely for the "privilege".
> Actually this sounds like BT Metro/IPClear which is a MPLS VPN  
> solution that I used at my previous job.  Like you say - it's using  
> the 'old' ADSL infrastructure but offers things that aren't possible  
> using regular DSL lines e.g. it's a DSL line that's delivered into  
> your own private MPLS cloud offering inter-office connectivity  
> without the overhead of individual VPN tunnels between the offices  
> (as this is handled by MPLS) along with 'centralised' internet  
> access through a nominated central office.  You can also add proper  
> QoS throughout the cloud too and add extra offices and DR sites  
> easily.  So it does offer quite a bit of extra functionality - but  
> it's all at significant cost and management overhead.

Well that depends. They are just 'regular' ADSL tails but handed off  
into a managed MPLS cloud. It's hugely expensive and unless you are  
connecting round the world not usually the most cost effective  
solution to make a private network. We make these for customers using  
DSL based closed user groups, which we can link in to MPLS once it  
comes out of the L2TP tunnel.

>> This is a laughable, and its usually based on some empire-building  
>> moron
>> stacking up responsibility in his own office at the companies expense
>> and at the expense of performance and progress....
> 100% agree with that.

Yeah but (s)he gets to go on nice BT corporate entertainment events,  
if he buys enough!

Must remove the cynical hat at some point soon!


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