Password Protected Archives

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Oct 21 23:49:03 IST 2010

on 10-21-2010 3:37 PM Scott Silva spake the following:
> on 10-21-2010 1:02 PM Derek Buttineau spake the following:
>> Was something changed in the logic behind the "Allow Password-Protected Archives" setting? This only used to be triggered if Virus Scanning was enabled for a recipient, however since upgrading to 4.81.4-1 this appears to be triggered regardless of Virus Scanning setting providing that "Scan Messages = yes".
>> This has caused some messages to be stopped that shouldn't have been.  I'm going to step into the code to see if I can figure out what's causing it, but hoping someone can provide some insight.
>> Thanks,
> I believe it was always supposed to work this way... Maybe it was broken
> before. It wouldn't have any bearing on virus scanning because a virus scanner
> can't scan inside them anyway, and never could.
NVM... Did you mean that it still catches them if you have
"scan messages = no" ???

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