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However that might not play out quite as well as just letting them shoot
themselves in the foot - if you put a "stealth" MS box in front of Exchange,
then management would just think that the Microsoft stuff did just as well
as the old Linux software. It might be better to explain it should be tested
with and without the Mailscanner solution as a comparison. However if Nigel
is leaving, why not just let them fight their own war!

--> Yes, they can make their own plans now.


Nigel, I presumed you pointed out that in addition to the £16k for exchange
they would need something to stem the spam-flow, and given their need for "a
throat to squeeze" (the usual reason) it would probably be commercial?

--> Company motto seems to be “If there’s two comparable ways to do
something, pick the most expensive.”  As well as the email fiasco...


  1)  They are currently ripping out our ADSL lines/VPNs to replace them
with a BT managed ‘cloud’ system.  Not only are the links more expensive and
in some cases slower (we have some sites running 20Mbit/2.5Mbit LLU that are
going back to 8Mbit/883K), but they have to pay an annual support charge and
submit a request for any router config changes.


2) They need to ‘move’ a central server to from my offices to their HQ – so
they buy a second, identical server (Dell 6850 rackmount with 4 Quad core
Pentiums, 16GB RAM and 300GB RAID 5 SAS (3 disks)) and someone is going to
do a data dump this weekend and drive it up. There would be no problems with
the downtime, but for some reason I have no inclination of questioning, they
aren’t just going to backup this server, shut it down and take it with them.






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