Bitdefender AntiSpam: worth a try?

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Tue Nov 23 14:02:42 GMT 2010

On 23 November 2010 14:18, Dave Jones <davejones70 at> wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 2:17 PM, Dave Jones <davejones70 at> wrote:
>> >Hi,
>> >
>> >It looks like Bitdefender just released a free AntiSpam engine for mail
>> >servers (Linux-based):
>> >
>> >
>> >Anyone tried it yet? If so, could it complement MailScanner?
>> >
>> >Thanks!
>> >
>> >Denis
>> I downloaded and installed it but MailScanner doesn't seem to support
>> this version yet in the virus.scanners.conf and the wrapper script.
>> It seems to have some potential goodness since it runs as a daemon.
>> I am using an old version of McAffee that is End-Of-Life on Dec 31 2010.
>> It's terrible taking 3-6 seconds to start and load defs for each batch.
>> Dave
> Has anyone been able to integrate this into MailScanner yet?  Anyone looked
> at it?
> I just received a quote from CDW and the price is very good.  They license
> by server
> and not by mailbox/email address so 5 servers was under $150.00 US for a
> year of
> Security for Mail Servers (the middle one in the link below):
> The software does way more than needed when you already have MailScanner but
> I would like to use the AV engine if it's worth anything.  Anyone have an
> experience
> with bitdefender AV in the past?
> I'm running McAffee that is end-of-life soon so I'm willing to spend some
> "free" time
> this holiday season to learn how to integrate this into MS and contribute it
> back as
> long as I'm not waisting my time.
> P.S.  Jules, if you want to give me a quote to do this, contact me offline.
>  I bet you
> could whip this out in no time and I would know that it's done right.
> Dave
Unlike McAfee and ClamAV, bdc never had any phishing sigs to talk
about, so percentage of detections were significantly lower (as with
FPs:-). bdc was/is a bit of a CPU hog, as all scanners that need load
a massive set of sigs for every scan run.
Other than that, it was very nicely priced, back then... :-).

How their mailserver stuff measure up, I do not know... All that we've
ever tried is the commandline scanner.

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