Bitdefender AntiSpam: worth a try?

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Mon Nov 15 20:50:41 GMT 2010

Taking just a quick glance at it, I see it runs as a milter in Sendmail.  As such, it would be called before MailScanner so integration wouldn't make sense in that case.  I'm not sure about the other MTA configurations, since I'm not running them and didn't look.

Are you just trying to use the antivirus part?  If it has a command line option then it could probably be integrated using the custom scanner featrue in MailScanner.  But it looks like it's trying to be a full featured anti-spam/anti-virus package.  I.e., it's more a replacement for MailScanner rather than an augmentation to it.

Again though, my thoughts are based on a 5 minute glance at the web page, so I could be missing the bigger picture...

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>It looks like Bitdefender just released a free AntiSpam engine for mail
>servers (Linux-based):
>Anyone tried it yet? If so, could it complement MailScanner?

I downloaded and installed it but MailScanner doesn't seem to support
this version yet in the virus.scanners.conf and the wrapper script.

It seems to have some potential goodness since it runs as a daemon.
I am using an old version of McAffee that is End-Of-Life on Dec 31 2010.
It's terrible taking 3-6 seconds to start and load defs for each batch.

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