Outlook oddities #2

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Wed Mar 17 18:28:52 GMT 2010

Steve Campbell wrote:
> Starting this up again, as I have more info but no answers.
> After comparing headers and anything else I could find, other than the
> To: and From: being in different order sometimes (To: comes first
> sometimes, From: others), I finally found a commonality in all of the
> emails that show up to MS and Mailwatch as having no From: address in
> the envelop from Outlook.   
> Maybe someone can tell me what it means when the Subject line has the
> word "Read: " instead of the plain old vanilla "Re: " in it. Googling
> hasn't helped since I can't seem to find the right search string.
> Does this have anything to do with Return Receipts? These are all
> emails that the Outlook user is "Replying" to some email.    

Yes, they're return receipts.  I just pulled up the a gazillion of them in MailWatch.  Told the report function to find messages that contained "Read:" in the subject.  I only glanced at a couple, but they were read receipts.  The interesting thing was there weere also "Not Read": messages.  It appears that when the messages were deleted w/o being read, that also generated a notice.  I'd never seen that before, but then I virtually never use read receipts and don't automatically allow them.


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