OT: Outlook oddities #2

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed Mar 17 18:04:20 GMT 2010

Starting this up again, as I have more info but no answers.

After comparing headers and anything else I could find, other than the 
To: and From: being in different order sometimes (To: comes first 
sometimes, From: others), I finally found a commonality in all of the 
emails that show up to MS and Mailwatch as having no From: address in 
the envelop from Outlook.

Maybe someone can tell me what it means when the Subject line has the 
word "Read: " instead of the plain old vanilla "Re: " in it. Googling 
hasn't helped since I can't seem to find the right search string. Does 
this have anything to do with Return Receipts? These are all emails that 
the Outlook user is "Replying" to some email.

Thanks for helping

Steve Campbell

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