Outlook oddities #2

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed Mar 17 18:56:27 GMT 2010

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Steve Campbell wrote:
>> Starting this up again, as I have more info but no answers.
>> After comparing headers and anything else I could find, other than the
>> To: and From: being in different order sometimes (To: comes first
>> sometimes, From: others), I finally found a commonality in all of the
>> emails that show up to MS and Mailwatch as having no From: address in
>> the envelop from Outlook.   
>> Maybe someone can tell me what it means when the Subject line has the
>> word "Read: " instead of the plain old vanilla "Re: " in it. Googling
>> hasn't helped since I can't seem to find the right search string.
>> Does this have anything to do with Return Receipts? These are all
>> emails that the Outlook user is "Replying" to some email.    
> Yes, they're return receipts.  I just pulled up the a gazillion of them in MailWatch.  Told the report function to find messages that contained "Read:" in the subject.  I only glanced at a couple, but they were read receipts.  The interesting thing was there weere also "Not Read": messages.  It appears that when the messages were deleted w/o being read, that also generated a notice.  I'd never seen that before, but then I virtually never use read receipts and don't automatically allow them.
> HTH...
> ...Kevin

Thanks Kevin,

The warning in MW indicates "no watermark or sender address" so I think 
I can do a hex dump on the quarantined file and see what's causing the 

I'm still a little confused about having the address whitelisted from 
which these users are sending, and why SA complains since it isn't 
supposed to be checking these because of that.

Then there's the confusion over what Outlook is really doing to them.

I'll keep looking and report if I ever find out what's going on.


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