10 years of MailScanner

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at trunknetworks.com
Mon Mar 15 20:53:03 GMT 2010

On 12 Mar 2010, at 11:53, Julian Field wrote:

> MailScanner is just about to reach its 10th anniversary.
> Yes, believe it or not, I took on this crazy idea 10 years ago! How  
> time flies.
> We are planning a big news release and celebration here at work to  
> commemorate this.
> What I need from you guys are some comments and "sound bites" saying  
> what you think of MailScanner, what  you like about it, why you use  
> it. I'm looking for a real variety of comments from all over the  
> world, East and West, big sites and small, so if you've got  
> something to say then I want to hear it!
> So get commenting folks!
> Many thanks,
> Jules

Initially I couldn't believe it's been 10 years but then I thought  
about when I started using MailScanner and realised it must be! My  
first MS installation was on an old PC that I decided I would use to  
dip my toe in the *nix world, see what all this open source stuff was  
all about and that would have been ~9 years ago, just before Postfix  
became supported by MS!

 From the end of the dial up modem, I decided I needed something to  
scan emails for viruses so I searched for a mailscanner! Never did I  
realised my small typo would open up such a great Pandora's box of  
software! Version 3. something was downloaded and I spent the next 4  
hours finding Perl modules to make it work (I was running Slackware so  
none of this package manage stuff and the easy install tarball wasn't  
even a twinkle in Jule's eye!). However, work it did and it has  
continued to work ever since. I have upgraded a few times since 3.x  
(You will be pleased to know) but the whole experience hasn't been  
totally hassle free, oh no. There have been many times when keeping up  
Jules' work rate has frankly been neigh on impossible! I would proudly  
look at my machine(s) and think that's good up to date now and blow me  
if there wasn't a new release just days afterwards fixing, improving  
or adding new features. Being a new toy junkie, I just had to have  
them so time to up date again....

So a 'sound bite'. Well how could I sum up a piece of software that  
has been one of my best friends for so long, that I have grown to  
trust and who's age (Let a lone birthday) I didn't even know? I am  
really not sure. MailScanner has and continues to be one of my most  
valued pieces of software proving flexibility and reliability, which  
coupled with speed and ease of use means that practically every email  
requirement can be catered for and without needing to learn complex  
commands. Providing you can read and have a little time to set up the  
many hundreds of configuration options you can work MailScanner and  
for that we must thank Jules. It was quite an idea 10 years ago and  
it's one fine piece of software 10 years on!

Happy Birthday MailScanner and thank you Jules!


PS Jules, you might want to top up your Amazon wish list. It's a bit  
light. I keep threatening that I'll use it but have never had a boss  
who understood enough to carry it through. Now I am the boss, it's  
time to put some actions to my words and a birthday seems a reasonable  
opportunity to me!

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