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have a look in the wiki on the 'overloading' rules section.

On 14 March 2010 21:08, G. Armour Van Horn <vanhorn at> wrote:

> I have a user that doesn't want the MailScanner warnings to appear in his
> e-mail, because he sometimes wants to forward them and he thinks they are
> ugly. As I have other users that need to pass specific filename and filetype
> matches, I know how to setup the multiple rule files to establish this on a
> per-domain basis, although in this case I might not need multiple files.
> So two questions:
> First, should I use "Find Phishing Fraud = No" or "Highlight Phishing Fraud
> = No"? Mostly the question here is whether or not turning off "Find
> Phishing" also turns off the numeric and stricter tests.
> Second, what would the rule syntax be? Would this do it?
>    To    sillyuser    allow
> Van
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