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Philip Parsons pparsons at columbiafuels.com
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On 12/03/2010, at 10:53 PM, Julian Field wrote:

> MailScanner is just about to reach its 10th anniversary.
> Yes, believe it or not, I took on this crazy idea 10 years ago! How time flies.
> We are planning a big news release and celebration here at work to commemorate this.
> What I need from you guys are some comments and "sound bites" saying what you think of MailScanner, what  you like about it, why you use it. I'm looking for a real variety of comments from all over the world, East and West, big sites and small, so if you've got something to say then I want to hear it!
> So get commenting folks!

Hi Jules,

10 Years wow

Congrats ! 6 years ago I went looking for a product to be able to put in front of our exchanges servers as everyone knew back then you really did not want exchange 5.5 out in the wild.  I came across this product called mailscanner and no more than an hour later I had it up an working and have never looked back.  I have now expanded it out to 5 other comapnys small and large.  Still to this day I still call it the best thing since slisted bread.  The coding and the features is what makes this so great.  We have kept up with patchs with no issues and the addons that people from around the globe say this would be nice to have and the next realease has it.

Thank you.
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