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Thu Mar 4 17:42:21 GMT 2010

Robert Lopez wrote on Thu, 4 Mar 2010 08:39:14 -0700:

> I do not understand why you believe there may be a difference.

I do not believe that, but you didn't provide any proof for the opposite 
yet. The minimum would have been to copy and paste the complete Subject line 
from the copy-to-self and the received mail. As you are using such strict 
rules it is obvious that a tiny mismatch (for instance a space that looks 
like a space but isn't) would make it fail. Try \s instead of a space.
A much easier approach would be to whitelist the sending server in MS.

> Mar  1 11:07:53 mgxx MailScanner[1353]: Message B288620F14.135F0 from
> (xxxxxxxxxx at to is not spam,
> SpamAssassin (not cached, score=-6.501, required 6,
> autolearn=disabled, CGC_1 -5.00, CGC_2 -5.00, CNM_NAME 0.50, CNM_PH1
> 3.00, SPF_PASS -0.00)

I see there are other rules of your own and they are probably in the same 
file and are working. Did you restart MailScanner since adding the rules?

> > - there's some other misconfiguration
> Such as?

I do not know your setup, but it's obvious that you don't know much about 
SA. I'm really not in querying all about your setup ;-)

> questions. The distinguishing point being my rules are inserted into a
> MailScanner file.

Which is not the case. This file came with MailScanner. That's all.
MS does *not* use it. SA uses it if there is a symlink from 
/etc/mail/spamassassin to it.

Commands for debugging SA:

spamassassin --lint
spamassassin < yourmessage.file
MailScanner --debug --debug-sa

I suggest you use them in this order. Unless restarting MS fixes your 
problem, anyway.


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