DNS issue with ScamNailer updates

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jun 15 16:54:57 IST 2010

ScamNailer gets its updates from www.mailscanner.tv which has a CNAME
pointing to www.mailscannertv.bastionnetworksl.netdna-cdn.com, but
there is no A record for
www.mailscannertv.bastionnetworksl.netdna-cdn.com, the A record is for
wwwmailscannertv.bastionnetworksl.netdna-cdn.com (no '.' after www).

This situation began earlier today. The authoritative DNS for
www.mailscanner.tv is ns.blacknightsolutions.com and
ns2.blacknightsolutions.com which have the
www.mailscannertv.bastionnetworksl.netdna-cdn.com CNAME. Either these
need to be updated to wwwmailscannertv.bastionnetworksl.netdna-cdn.com
or an A record for www.mailscannertv.bastionnetworksl.netdna-cdn.com
needs to be added at ns1.netdna-cdn.com and ns2.netdna-cdn.com.
Probably the former is the correct solution.

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