MailScanner ANNOUNCE: New MailScanner Database connector

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu Jun 3 13:55:31 IST 2010

To develop our new BarricadeMX Plus application, we needed to extend the 
capabilities of MailScanner to allow MailScanner to read its 
configuration from a DBI compatible data source such as MySQL, 
PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, SQLite. This new feature, ConfigSQL, was 
necessary to allow the slave servers in a cluster to use a replicated 
database, instead of files, to store all configuration data.

Now that BarricadeMX Plus has been completed, tested and released, we 
have donated this code to the MailScanner Open Source Repository so it 
is now available for testing the in the latest MailScanner Beta 4.80.7.

The new module works by overriding the values already read from 
MailScanner.conf so you do not have to supply all possible values unless 
you want to. You can also mix regular file-based rulesets with database 
rulesets but not on the same configuration item. A more detailed 
description of how to use ConfigSQL along with examples will be included 
with the release notes for the next MailScanner Beta and and on our web 

A complete list of all the Proprietary Fort Systems Ltd. Products includes:

MailScanner GOLD rpm repository (Beta):

This is a free Yum repository for Red Hat and CentOS 5 i386 and x86_64 
only. It typically contains the latest MailScanner Beta rpm along with 
rpms for SpamAssassin (plus DCC, Razor, DKIM, SPF, IP-Country and 
Rule2XS plug-ins), ClamAV and all Perl module dependencies.

MailScanner GOLD rpm repository (Production):

This is our production Yum repository for Red Hat and CentOS 5 i386 and 
x86_64 only. It contains the latest MailScanner production release rpms 
that have passed testing in the Beta repository along with rpms for 
SpamAssassin (plus DCC, Razor, DKIM, SPF, IP-Country and Rule2XS 
plug-ins), ClamAV and all Perl module dependencies, approximately 70 
rpms in total. Keeping MailScanner, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, all related 
applications and the operating system fully up to date is now as simple 
as running `yum update`.


Provides a simple, inexpensive, low maintenance, standalone anti-spam 
and anti-virus solution. It may also be used with MailScanner to 
substantially increase the capacity of the gateway and improve the 
accuracy of spam detection. Its features include:

· A small and very efficient multi-threaded C program that replaces your 
MTA on port 25 and can handle thousands of simultaneous connections on a 
single CPU system.

· Simple intuitive web interface is provided for configuration and 

· BarricadeMX calls spamd and clamd during the DATA phase of the SMTP 
conversation so no quarantine required. Spam and Viruses are detected 
(and rejected) before the SMTP conversation is completed.

· Multiple gateways are easily clustered using peer-to-peer cache sharing.

· Very simple to install, use and maintain.

BarricadeMX Plus:
Product Information:
Video Demos:

Packages together MailScanner an BarricadeMX with a new MailWatch like 
web based front end and a PostgreSQL back end. The same web interfacce 
is now used for all BarricadeMX and MailWatch configuration, monitoring 
and reporting.

Its features include:

· Backend authentication for user logins using POP, IMAP or Active 

· Web interface provides separate logins and permission levels for 
users, domain administrators and site administrators.

· All MailScanner and sendmail configuration and MailWatch data is 
stored in PostgreSQL.

· A custom multi-threaded database connector provides the needed high 
speed updates to the PostgreSQL database.

· Database replication allows easy clustering of multiple gateways.

· Easily extendible, high capacity “cloud computing” configurations are 
now possible.

· Reports formatted using .csv, pdf or html can now be delivered by email.

· Virtual Machines supported.

· Easy setup of completely different MailScanner configurations for 
individual users and domains.

And every FSL product is installed and updated automatically using only 
rpms. This makes the installation as well as the maintenance of all 
applications and the operating system, simple and foolproof. So 
installing a free, fully functional, trial of any Fort Systems 
application is quick and easy. You can request your demo at: 

Best regards,

Steve Swaney
Fort Systems Ltd
steve at

Julian Field MBCS CITP CEng
Chief Technology Officer
Fort Systems Ltd
julian.field at

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