MailScanner ANNOUNCE: New MailScanner Database connector

Ken A. ka at
Thu Jun 3 15:35:13 IST 2010

On 06/03/2010 05:55 AM, Julian Field wrote:

> The new module works by overriding the values already read from
> MailScanner.conf so you do not have to supply all possible values unless
> you want to. You can also mix regular file-based rulesets with database
> rulesets but not on the same configuration item. A more detailed
> description of how to use ConfigSQL along with examples will be included
> with the release notes for the next MailScanner Beta and and on our web
> site:

That is good news! We currently generate the rules files from mysql and 
sync them to 2 MailScanner boxes (~17k whitelist entries).
This will greatly simplify things.
Thank you!

Ken Anderson

> Jules
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> Julian Field MBCS CITP CEng
> Chief Technology Officer
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