Email detected as spam but not tagged

Rob Sterenborg R.Sterenborg at
Tue Jul 20 16:28:08 IST 2010

> > Below is the email header with relevant Postfix/MailScanner
> logs.
> > Using this information, can anyone tell me why these emails
> weren't
> > tagged? If more info is needed, please let me know.
> When I've seen this behaviour it's usually when an instance of
> the MTA (in my case sendmail) and MailScanner are both running.
> Sometimes when I do an update, the sendmail daemon will be set
> to start in /etc/init.d by the patch.  If I don't remember to
> disable it again, sendmail will start and process mail w/o
> sending it to MailScanner.  Stop all your mail processes, check
> the runlevels and turn any off that shouldn't be on, then
> restart MailScanner.

Thanks for your response. AFAICS that shouldn't happen here.

MS/PF are, of course, normally running. When performing maintenance, I start MS first, then PF. However, IMO the order shouldn't matter because when PF processes an email, it finally puts it in the HOLD queue where MS can pick it up when it's ready. So, the server will have high load if that queue builds up too much (because MS was not -yet- running), but in my experience MS just picks up the emails as they as put in the queue and process them.

If there is a problem in the startup order with PF/MS: no one restarted PF or MS when the email I mentioned was processed. 


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