Email detected as spam but not tagged

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Mon Jul 19 17:15:08 IST 2010

Rob Sterenborg wrote:

> Below is the email header with relevant Postfix/MailScanner logs.
> Using this information, can anyone tell me why these emails weren't
> tagged? If more info is needed, please let me know. 
When I've seen this behaviour it's usually when an instance of the MTA (in my case sendmail) and MailScanner are both running.  Sometimes when I do an update, the sendmail daemon will be set to start in /etc/init.d by the patch.  If I don't remember to disable it again, sendmail will start and process mail w/o sending it to MailScanner.  Stop all your mail processes, check the runlevels and turn any off that shouldn't be on, then restart MailScanner.


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