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No firewall blocking going on. Lookups to the local server freeze entirely, I have not checked when this happened if remote looks ups still worked or not. I have to kill named when this occurs as it will not voluntarily restart. I even did a strace on named, and there is no activity.

Doesn't appear to be a lot of network resources in use when it freezes.

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On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 9:41 AM, Gottschalk, David <dgottsc at<mailto:dgottsc at>> wrote:
Does anyone here use Bind to cache DNS lookups on their MailScanner boxes?

I have a bind caching server running on each of my MailScanner machines, and occasionally named will completely freeze up. I'm not sure why this is occurring. I thought it might have had to do with SpamHaus lookups hanging (they blocked our lookups), so I disabled them in my<>; however, that has not resolved the issue.

I'm running version 9.2.4.

Hi David,

Are you blocking UDP:53 or TCP:53 with your iptables or upstream?  Do any lookups work at all when its frozen (cached or other)?  Can you perform lookups using other name servers from the machine?  (eg. dig<><>).  When it is frozen what does the output of lsof look like for that process?  Are there a lot of network resources in use by the named process when it freezes?
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