mail disapears in the postfix queue

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Jan 12 10:55:46 GMT 2010

2010/1/11  <s66576 at>:
> Hi,
> this strange thing happens on my local linux server, it's a simple
> installation of Mailscanner + postfix on ubuntu lts:
> Jan 10 10:39:42 pluto postfix/smtpd[21677]: F19BD354E2:
>[79.41.XXX.XXX], sasl_method=LOGIN,
> sasl_username=smtpuser at
> Jan 10 10:39:43 pluto postfix/cleanup[24467]: F19BD354E2: hold: header
> Received: from E4300 (
> [79.41.XXX.XXX])??by with ESMTPA id F19BD354E2??for
> <Ettore.XXX at>; Sun, 10 Jan 2010 10:3 from
>[79.41.XXX.XXX]; from=<XXX at>
> to=<Ettore.XXX at> proto=ESMTP helo=<E4300>
> Jan 10 10:39:43 pluto postfix/cleanup[24467]: F19BD354E2:
> message-id=<3DCE4D546BD8463BABBE1DC13DBD0390 at E4300>
You really should've rejected this one out of hand, since it has
"helo=<E4300>"... which is in violation of the RFCs. Then again, that
would render you with a normal "NOQUEUE: reject: .... Helo command
rejected: need fully-qualified hostname;..." log line:).

> After this I don't see any trace of this queueid  F19BD354E2 in my mail.log,
> that's the first time happen to me. No message was wrote on filesystem, and
> the postfix queues are empty ( hold,deferred... ). Should I try to increase
> Mailscanner log verbosity ? Or is better look for postfix queue ?
> Mailscanner fetches mails from hold and leave them incoming, it's a default
> installation.
> Anyone with similar problems ?
> Regards.
Saying that the innstall is a "normal MS+postfix on Ubuntu" really
doesn't tell us enough... What versions do you have (of pretty much
everything)? What did the unaltered log look like (including some
"context")? Do you do log spluitting? What does it look like in the
For some cut'n'paste examples of telnet tests (as suggested by Igor),
please look at:

-- Glenn
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