mail disapears in the postfix queue

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Mon Jan 11 18:16:45 GMT 2010

On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 06:18:11PM +0100, s66576 at wrote:
> Hi, 
> this strange thing happens on my local linux server, it's a simple installation of Mailscanner + postfix on ubuntu lts:
> Jan 10 10:39:42 pluto postfix/smtpd[21677]: F19BD354E2:[79.41.XXX.XXX], sasl_method=LOGIN, sasl_username=smtpuser at
> Jan 10 10:39:43 pluto postfix/cleanup[24467]: F19BD354E2: hold: header Received: from E4300 ( [79.41.XXX.XXX])??by with ESMTPA id F19BD354E2??for <Ettore.XXX at>; Sun, 10 Jan 2010 10:3 from[79.41.XXX.XXX]; from=<XXX at> to=<Ettore.XXX at> proto=ESMTP helo=<E4300>
> Jan 10 10:39:43 pluto postfix/cleanup[24467]: F19BD354E2: message-id=<3DCE4D546BD8463BABBE1DC13DBD0390 at E4300>
> After this I don't see any trace of this queueid  F19BD354E2 in my mail.log, that's the first time happen to me. No message was wrote on filesystem, and the postfix queues are empty ( hold,deferred... ). Should I try to increase Mailscanner log verbosity ? Or is better look for postfix queue ? 

Before you try increasing MailScanner's log verbosity, try sending a message to
yourself via Telnet on Netcat, to see if the server is perhaps responding in a
way that it shouldn't be. Here is a simple example:
telnet host (replace with your actual mail server's hostname or IP address) 25
helo your domain
mail from: someuser at yourdomain
rcpt to: ou at yourdomain
ANy other headers and text here, such as To, Subject, etc.
Don't forget the final ".", as this is what tells the server that you have
finished your message, and to queue what it has in its input.
> Mailscanner fetches mails from hold and leave them incoming, it's a default installation. 
> Anyone with similar problems ?
> Regards.
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