MailScanner Digest, Vol 50, Issue 21

Mark Sapiro mark at
Sun Feb 21 16:24:50 GMT 2010

On 11:59 AM, Dave Jones wrote:
>     I am running MailScanner version 4.78.17 and have an issue when an
>     HTML email comes in with a PDF attached.  Below is the end of the body
>     when the email is not sent through MailScanner.  MailScanner is
>     dropping off everything past the "<br><br><br><br>" line below.
>     </html>
>     <br><br><br><br>
>     ------_=_NextPart_002_01CAB0D0.AD4BE979--
>     ------_=_NextPart_001_01CAB0D0.AD4BE979
>     Content-Type: application/pdf;
> It's not being dropped based on the filename since those will notify the
> recipient along with an admin mailbox.
> Recent debugging shows that it may be something strange with how the
> email is being generated.  We can't get the originator of the email to give
> us the details of how it's being created.  It seems that the problem is with
> some automated generation process but when they just create the email
> using Outlook and attach the PDF, it seems to work fine to all recipients.

What is the full MIME structure of the message? What you show above is
only a piece. Show the Content-Type: header including boundary= for the
message itself and also show all boundaries and the Content-Type: from
all sub-parts.

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