MailScanner + Zimbra...done :)

James Gray james at
Sun Feb 21 07:50:18 GMT 2010

Hi All,

Just wanted to let everyone know I've re-done my MailScanner + Zimbra integration.  Essentially, it's a routine postfix install, but there are a couple of nasty surprises in Zimbra 6.0 (like header checks being ignored: and other silliness as a result of the amavis integration.  However, with MailScanner I get faster, more accurate filtering, with far more granularity than the default solution with Zimbra.  The down side is I loose some of the internal reporting with Zimbra..but that's why we have rrdtool/Cacti/MRTG/etc.  As part of the integration I did the standard performance improvements: MailScanner work directories in tmpfs, bayes/awl on SQL, sa-update, redirecting user-identified spam/ham for training bayes etc, etc.  So I bit off a fair bit for a one-step (sic), drop-in replacement.

Just thought I'd post this for the sake of the archives; but getting Zimbra to play nice with MailScanner and the other services on my server was somewhat troublesome.  I can share the pain with those who are interested.

Kudos to Jules: without his hard work over many years, MailScanner would never have matured to the robust, simply integrated solution it is today!  Thanks!


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