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Monis Monther mmmm82 at
Tue Feb 9 08:26:20 GMT 2010


Today I got some emails that had attached images containing unwanted

My MailScanner tagged it as clean

RBL did not find tag the domain or IP as black list ( I use spamhaus-zen and

SA scores were as follows
The body was empty only an attachment of a jpg image containing the unwanted

I use RBL test and SA no bayes or MCP

1- How can detect such messages?

2- Can anyone explain a little bit what MCP does and when or why do I need
it. All I read is what was written in the MailScanner.conf documentation and
that it uses another copy of SA to rescan the body (attachments are part of
the body, correct me if I misunderstand attachments), doesn't SA already
scan the body?? why scan again the same thing with different rules? why not
have all these rules under SA in the first place and do one full scan?
please shed some light so I can understand the mechanism


Best Regards

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