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Tue Feb 9 08:49:19 GMT 2010

Le 09/02/2010 09:26, Monis Monther a écrit :
> 2- Can anyone explain a little bit what MCP does and when or why do I
> need it. All I read is what was written in the MailScanner.conf
> documentation and that it uses another copy of SA to rescan the body
> (attachments are part of the body, correct me if I misunderstand
> attachments), doesn't SA already scan the body?? why scan again the same
> thing with different rules? why not have all these rules under SA in the
> first place and do one full scan? please shed some light so I can
> understand the mechanism

The main point of MCP was to scan with totally different rules, for 
example to detect messages that are not spam but that infringe corporate 
policy on acceptable content, and that therefore need to be processed 
differently to spam (different archive settings, etc.).

However, the SpamAssassin Rule Actions setting now allows you to take 
different actions based on hitting particular rules, and is thus a far 
more efficient way of achieving the same effect. MCP is still there for 
those who want it, but is no longer a recommended solution.


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