Sendmail/MailScanner for newbie

Ratana Prinyawiwatkul ratana08 at
Wed Feb 3 18:46:04 GMT 2010

Hello All,
I am new in *nix system and I want to setup my own mail server. I installed Fedora 11 and use sendmail as MTA, I also installed MailScanner, spamassassin and clamav. I can send and receive mails without any problems. When I checked MailScanner status and got the results as the following
# service MailScanner status
Checking MailScanner daemons:
MailScanner:          [ok]
incoming sendmail: [ok]
outgoing sendmail:  [ok]
but when I do
# service sendmail status
sendmail is stopped
sm-client (pid 14107) is running...
Is there any problems and how do I fix it?

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