MailScanner scores different if ran manually

Mauricio Tavares raubvogel at
Thu Dec 2 15:26:05 GMT 2010

I got a spam email that went through mailscanner and got the following 

not spam, SpamAssassin (not cached, score=4.45, required 4.7, BAYES_50 
0.70, HDR_CYR 3.25, RAZOR2_CHECK 0.50)

Fine, so I ran it manually,

spamassassin -D -t --cf=/etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf spam.mail

and got the following score

Content analysis details:   (6.55 points, 4.7 required)

  pts rule name              description
---- ---------------------- 
  0.7 BAYES_50               BODY: Bayesian spam probability is 40 to 60%
                             [score: 0.5000]
  0.5 RAZOR2_CHECK           Listed in Razor2 (
  1.5 RAZOR2_CF_RANGE_E4_51_100 Razor2 gives engine 4 confidence level
                             above 50%
                             [cf: 100]
  0.5 RAZOR2_CF_RANGE_51_100 Razor2 gives confidence level above 50%
                             [cf: 100]
  3.25 HDR_CYR                HDR_CYR

Why did it score differently?  Specifically why two out of three of the 
razor checks were only done at the command line?

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