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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Dec 2 14:04:22 GMT 2010

On 2 December 2010 14:34, Ante Gulam <ante.gulam at> wrote:
> I've just edited MailScanner.conf and grep-ed "Max Spam Check Size".. it was
> 200k. Ive set "-1".. but wouldn't be normal if it's too big
> to pass it to incoming ?! and not to leave it in "hold" ?!?! because it
> jammes my hold and all mails stucks with it coming after..
> tnx

According to your other mail, at least the "outdated mailscanner" bet
is true then.

Don't install MailScanner from the official debian/ubuntu repos, they
are way to conservative... and hence outdated.
What you need do is either find the deb from somewhere else (I'm not
sure where exactly, since I'm on an RPM-based system), or use the
"source packe" from

Personally, I put a value of:
Max Spam Check Size = 6500000
... just to be on the safe side:-). Setting it to -1 is not the
supported way of disabling it (unlike the other size specifications).

Also look at your TNEF expander setting and try vary that a bit
(internal/external, and make sure the latter has a _huge_ space
specification, when you try that).

Oh, and do disable the cron job. It is ... less than fortunate... at best.

-- Glenn
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