Issue with ScamNailer. Unable to DL definitions.

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Thu Aug 26 14:19:20 IST 2010

Yes, yes I can.

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I just downloaded ScamNailer to test it out with one of our smtp servers, and before I put it into my cron.hourly folder I tried running it once on root. That's when hen I did I got this.

I tried to ping, and that went well.  I tried going to, and that went fine. But when I tried to go to something like that's when I started getting to error messages of 404 not found. Is anyone else getting this issue or is there something I did wrong.

Mind you I made zero changes to the script when I ran it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

not to point out the obvious but can you telnet to<> on port 80 from the server that needs to do the update?

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