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Pedro Silva at
Wed Apr 21 19:08:10 IST 2010

Hello to the entire list,

I need your help..

I have installed centos 5.3 + sendmail +  Mailscanner + clamav +
spamassasin, MailScanner problem that catalogs the email as spam and sent to
quarantine. How I can retrieve the message?

In the Most Frequently Asked Questions
(MAQ)<>in the mailscanner site,
the following information to retrieve a quarantined message:

   1. Navigate to the directory of the offending message
   2. Copy the qf- and df- file pair into the outgoing queue (usually
   3. Run mailq to make sure you’ve put your files into the correct
   directory (your outgoing queue)
   4. If you see your message listed it’s time to tell sendmail to recheck
   the outgoing queue and send any messages that are there by typing sendmail

Examle in my system:

cd /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20100421/o3LDqW6Q015351

The steep 2, not found qf and df files, only the following files:
dashitem.ICO  message  sv-ln20090127.dotm

So, how I can send that mail is in quarantine without having qf and df

Thank you.
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