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In the Mailwatch one of the first lines you have: my($refresh_time) = 15;         # Time in minutes before lists are refreshed


That would appear to be what you are looking for. 


Although I seem to recall it was controlled by the: Restart Every = 14400

in mailscanner.conf


But I would start by trying to change the first var.


Good luck




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Afternoon All,


I am wanting to get some clarification on how Mailscanner handles the White / Black lists in terms of caching. We have been using the Mailwatch SQLBlacklist perl script for years without issue however trying to currently diagnose a problem, can anyone let me know at what point the white / black lists are loaded? 


I always assumed the 'custom function' was run per message, however now I'm guessing its per batch. Our issue suggests that its taking longer than this. I have asked a colleague to give me some query logging which should also shed some light on it.




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