Betr.: Re: Notice to ruleset not being read - MS 4.78.15-1

Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Sep 8 15:24:03 IST 2009

That is not from MailScanner itself, but from the hourly cron job which 
calls /usr/sbin/processing_messages_alert. You are quite correct that 
this script is incapable of handling rulesets.
I'm not overly convinced that is worth fixing as it's quite a lot of 
work for a tiny gain.
The easy thing would be to just default to the "localpostmaster" setting 
if it finds a ruleset. That would probably be better than the current 

Try the attached (compresssed) script instead of 
Remember to make it executable! ("chmod +x 

On 08/09/2009 15:06, Amelein at wrote:
> Just got another mail which it tried to send to filename at fqdn 
> <mailto:filename at fqdn>
> the contents of the message is:
> --
> Archive:
> Number of messages: 1
> Tries Message Last Tried
> ===== ======= ==========
> 6 5210725B3.AC562 Tue Sep  8 12:15:58 2009
> -- 
> MailScanner
> --
> If I remember correctly this  message triggered a crash loop 
> protection earlier because of a configuration error I hadn't 
> discovered till putting the server into the actual e-mail stream, I 
> had forgotten to update the language conf and it was looking for 
> something which wasn't in there.
> -
> Arjan


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