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> Richard Mealing wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
>> Thanks for this, sorry if I’m being stupid, but I’m using freebsd and I’ve
>> updated my port tree, however I don’t see the latest version in there –
>> less distinfo
>> MD5 (MailScanner-install-4.60.5-1.tar.gz) =
>> cf1e87131f90ff7f43e1f4c1d787a245
>> SHA256 (MailScanner-install-4.60.5-1.tar.gz) =
>> 1ec3fd536e05f5da0b1551cc57664bb4379e049e8243e0ed112e33325c53b994
>> SIZE (MailScanner-install-4.60.5-1.tar.gz) = 7704758
>> Can this be updated?
>> Rich
> Indeed, the MailScanner port is getting a little out of date again. Yes it
> should be periodically updated, but unfortunately the maintainer of the
> MailScanner port is AWOL and doesn't respond to emails, meaning that the
> MailScanner port is currently not being maintained.
> Maintaining FreeBSD ports requires a basic working knowledge of the ports
> system and the program in question (MailScanner in this case), and of
> course, the free time necessary to update and check the port works before
> submitting a patch to the committers. Sadly, as of yet, no one with the free
> time/skills has volunteered to help with this.
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Some did do an independant update for the FreeBSD port a while ago (see the
archives of this list). But in the mean-time if you want to keep up-to date
and esp with the beta's you'll need to use the generic tar.gz installer

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK
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