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2009/9/4 Mog <lists at>

Richard Mealing wrote:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for this, sorry if I'm being stupid, but I'm using freebsd and
I've updated my port tree, however I don't see the latest version in
there -

less distinfo

MD5 (MailScanner-install-4.60.5-1.tar.gz) =

SHA256 (MailScanner-install-4.60.5-1.tar.gz) =

SIZE (MailScanner-install-4.60.5-1.tar.gz) = 7704758

Can this be updated?



Indeed, the MailScanner port is getting a little out of date again. Yes
it should be periodically updated, but unfortunately the maintainer of
the MailScanner port is AWOL and doesn't respond to emails, meaning that
the MailScanner port is currently not being maintained.

Maintaining FreeBSD ports requires a basic working knowledge of the
ports system and the program in question (MailScanner in this case), and
of course, the free time necessary to update and check the port works
before submitting a patch to the committers. Sadly, as of yet, no one
with the free time/skills has volunteered to help with this.

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Some did do an independant update for the FreeBSD port a while ago (see
the archives of this list). But in the mean-time if you want to keep
up-to date and esp with the beta's you'll need to use the generic tar.gz
installer instead.

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK



Hi Martin,


I did try that but it's an rpm and you can't install that on freebsd. Do
you think the mailscanner port (non beta) will update next time it's


I did contact the maintainer and he told me I could do it, but I'm new
to all this (I'm still learning) I don't think I have the skills to do


I can't wait to add sanesecurity to my config, it's just awesome from my
testing last week.


Many thanks,


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