recipients_bcc_maps emails gets lost...

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Mon Oct 26 20:24:04 GMT 2009

On 10/26/09 19:39, Jose Amengual M wrote:

> I have a strange problem in mailscanner.
> yesterday I finish setup all my server with mailscanner and postfix,
> postfixadmin, mysql etc.

I would be rathe cautions about mixing postfixadmin and MailScanner. I 
don't know if that tool will not make some changes to the configuration 
file that are not compatible with the changes one must make for 
MailScanner to work properly.

> I had a recipients_bcc_maps on postfix working before with amavis and
> after the change to mailscanner stop working.

I must assume you point to the feature listed below?

recipient_bcc_maps (default: empty)

     Optional BCC (blind carbon-copy) address lookup tables, indexed by 
recipient address. The BCC address (multiple results are not supported) 
is added when mail enters from outside of Postfix.


     Note: automatic BCC recipients are produced only for new mail. To 
avoid mailer loops, automatic BCC recipients are not generated for mail 
that Postfix forwards internally, nor for mail that Postfix generates 

> If I send an email to one of the email on the bcc you see the email
> going to the first account but no to the bcc recipient, and in the log
> you don't see any error , just the log line for the email going to the
> original account.

I think it is not unlikely that the system will not do as you expect due 
to the restriction in the note I quoted above.

> I saw some messages talking about that postfix and mailscanner are not
> such a good friends and that you can lost some emails, this could be one
> example ?

Hardly. I feel such comments are a bit ... well ... off.

> I try using the forward option on posfixadmin for some account and
> doesn't work either.

I am afraid you lost me here entirely. I can not even guess what you did 
configure here.

But be a good sport and include such trivial things as postfix version, 
MailScanner version, relevant configuration lines, ....

Such information makes all the difference. And accuracy in names and 
functions never fail to improve the communication.


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