recipients_bcc_maps emails gets lost...

Jose Amengual M pepe at
Mon Oct 26 18:39:15 GMT 2009

Hi guys.

I have a strange problem in mailscanner.

yesterday I finish setup all my server with mailscanner and postfix,  
postfixadmin, mysql etc.

I had a recipients_bcc_maps on postfix working before with amavis and  
after the change to mailscanner stop working.

If I send an email to one of the email on the bcc you see the email  
going to the first account but no to the bcc recipient, and in the log  
you don't see any error , just the log line for the email going to the  
original account.

I saw some messages talking about that postfix and mailscanner are not  
such a good friends and that you can lost some emails, this could be  
one example ?

I try using the forward option on posfixadmin for some account and  
doesn't work either.


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