OT: Snertsoft roundhouse on Solaris 8

Anthony Peacock a.peacock at chime.ucl.ac.uk
Tue Nov 10 08:33:19 GMT 2009

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your message.

I decided to spend a little more time looking into the problem this 
morning, and bizzarely, it worked fine first time.  I didn't do anything 
differently this morning compared to previous occasions, and I am at a 
loss to explain why it is working now, and not before.

I'm going to leave it running (complete with truss output) for a couple 
of hours to run my tests and then I may never need to run it on Solaris 
8 again (with any luck).

Gary Pentland wrote:
> # truss -wall -rall -leaf /opt/local/snertsoft/bin.....
> Would be the debugging option if you like strace and similar

I had been looking into this, hadn't found anything obvious yet.

> If I read this right, roundhouse works reliably on port 26, normal mta on 25....
> Swap the ports around and it doesn't work...  Is that correct?

It is not quite that simple, but that is one of the failure patterns.

> If that is the case I'd guess then that there is a config issue in swapping the ports around, does roundhouse run on 25 with no MTA running?  Obviously difficult to try if this is your real server but I suspect something is holding port 25 open and that is preventing roundhouse from starting.
> I assume that you are starting the MTA on 26 first, then roundhouse?  Try the other way around, start roundhouse first then the MTA... or simply start the MTA and then the old # netstat -an | grep LISTEN or similar to check 25 is available for roundhouse.
> I do suspect this will turn out to be something silly/obvious....

Me too!

Anthony Peacock
Head of Research & Development, FBS Advanced IT Support Centre
CHIME, Whittington Campus
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