Sophos failure: sophos-autoupdate is missing new Sophos files

Paul Lamb pal at
Tue Nov 3 22:21:45 GMT 2009

The Sophos AV November 2009 distribution:-
	Product version           : 4.47.0
	Engine version            : 3.01.0
	Virus data version        : 4.47
	User interface version    : 2.07.250
	Platform                  : Linux/Intel
	Released                  : 02 November 2009

is installing additional files

sophos-autoupdate will not create softlinks to these in ./ide/

Running sweep through strace shows an open failure on 
/usr/local/Sophos/ide/xvdl01.vdb leading to
  "Error initialising detection engine - missing part of virus data"

As a quick workround, I have added the following cloned fragment into 
sophos-autoupdate before "Add the new swpmess.dat..." -

# Add the even newer xvdl*.vdb files if they are there
foreach $vdlsus ("xvdl") {
   foreach $number (1..99) {
     $string = $vdlsus . sprintf("%02d", $number) . ".vdb";
     symlink("$VDLDir/$string", $string) if -f "$VDLDir/$string";
# end

I am running MailScanner version 4.72.5 whose version of 
sophos-autoupdate looks little different to the current version.

Paul Lamb

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