Can not release mail from the quarantine

Ismail OZATAY ismail at
Fri May 22 13:58:21 IST 2009

Hi ,

Today I could not relase some e-mails from the quarantine to user. 
Normaly every time it works without any problem. I am trying to release 
this mail with mailwatch interface then then from the command line like 

sendmail -t -i < 

But it could not send. When i checked the maillog i saw that ;

"May 22 15:45:44 avgw sendmail[15702]: n4MCifOl015702: lost input 
channel from localhost.localdomain [] to MTA after mail"
"May 22 15:45:44 avgw sendmail[15702]: n4MCifOl015702: from=x at, 
size=0, class=0, nrcpts=0, proto=SMTP, daemon=MTA, 
relay=localhost.localdomain []"

I have just tried to release a different quarantined mail and it worked 
properly. What is happening ?



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