"Remove These Headers" not working

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri May 22 09:40:06 IST 2009

On 20/05/2009 02:58, Hilario Fochi Silveira wrote:
> Hello,
> Installation details: RHEL5.3 with cPanel and MailScanner Front End 
> (configserver.com)
> MailScanner is running ok for more than one year.
> Our server uses the "Remove These Headers = 
> %rules-dir%/remove.headers.rules" setting to eliminate inbound return 
> receipts requests while allowing outbound receipts headers to stay intact.
> Two weeks ago after upgrading to version MailScanner - v4.76.24 we 
> begun to notice that some inbound emails were asking for return receipts.
> We played a lot with the rules file without success and as a temporary 
> solution, we replaced the per domain rules file with the the following 
> single line instruction:
> Remove These Headers = 
> /Confirm-Reading-To:|Delivery-Receipt-To:|Disposition-Notification-To:|Errors-To:|MDRcpt-To:|MDSend-Notifications-To:|Read-Receipt-To:|Receipt-Requested-To:|Return-Receipt-To:|Status:|Smtp-Rcpt-To:|X-Acknowledge-To:|X-Confirm-Reading-To:|X-IMAPBase:|X-IMAP:|X-Keywords:|X-Mozilla-Status:|X-Mozilla-Status2:|X-PMrqc:|X-Spam-Processed:|X-Status:|X-UID:|X-UIDL:/
> This solution is working, we have no receipts at all both inbound and 
> outbound, but we wish to regain the fine granularity control we once had.
That should definitely not work, and it was a small bug that was 
allowing it to work. The spec in the MailScanner.conf file clearly 
states that:
# Each header should end in a ":", but MailScanner will add it if you 
# Headers should be separated by commas or spaces.
> The original rules file uses spaces to separate the headers.
That was correct.
> The typical per domain lines we had in the remove.headers.rules file were:
> # For each domain:
> From: *@domain1.com.br X-Mozilla-Status: X-Mozilla-Status2: 
> X-Spam-Processed:
> To: *@domain1.com.br Confirm-Reading-To: Delivery-Receipt-To: 
> Disposition-Notification-To: Errors-To: MDRcpt-To: 
> MDSend-Notifications-To: Read-Receipt-To: Receipt-Requested-To: 
> Return-Receipt-To: Status: Smtp-Rcpt-To: X-Acknowledge-To: 
> X-Confirm-Reading-To: X-IMAPBase: X-IMAP: X-Keywords: 
> X-Mozilla-Status: X-Mozilla-Status2: X-PMrqc: X-Spam-Processed: 
> X-Status: X-UID: X-UIDL:
> Those instructions used worked ok with previous MailScanner versions.
And  I have just tried a system with a rules file very much like yours 
and it works just fine.

Sorry, but I cannot reproduce the problem.


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